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Highlighting Your Story

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day for family, friends, and food.  It’s a day, in my mind, for thinking back on what is good in my life and looking forward to what’s to come.  It’s a day of grandparents sharing tales … Continue reading

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Tears and Fears

I’ll openly admit that one of my biggest fears is feeling helpless.  I don’t like things to be out of control.  I used to want everything in MY control, but I have worked on that and now just like everything … Continue reading

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My bodyweight is higher than the charts say it should be. It has been my entire adult life and most of my childhood too. For too many years I struggled with that fact. I dreaded the yearly weight checks in … Continue reading

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Everyone knows about the WHY? stage of childhood, but some kids never grow out of it.  They keep pondering and questioning and wondering.  I always think kids like this will follow their questions into research fields because they just never … Continue reading

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My Responses to Your Responses

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to someone special in my life who was feeling unworthy. In writing that letter I realized I had other friends who felt similarly, but I didn’t realize how many and how much … Continue reading

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Submarine Marriages

I’ve been called an advocate for military marriage. Truth be told, I’m for all marriage, but mine has been a military marriage from the start…so, yeah. I support military marriages. And, truth be told again, many of the struggles in … Continue reading

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Praise for Pencils

A friend was telling me how her daughter, who is in Kindergarten, looks forward to ‘Fun Friday’ every week.  The class gets 10 minutes to play a board game and gets to bring their own pencil from home!  (Normally they … Continue reading

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