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Bullying – A Story and a Plea

I remember when I was younger and got teased.  I remember it happening often in elementary school, especially on the bus.  A few kids would call me names, pull my hair, kick the back of my seat.  When I complained … Continue reading

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Ah…This Navy Life…

Twenty-one years.  That’s how long my husband has been a sailor in the United States Navy.  It’s a fact we’re proud of and humbled by.  I have been involved in all of those years.  We’ve only been married for not … Continue reading

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Need a Life Jacket?

If you think parenting is rough work, I’ve got good news.  You’re not alone! Yup, that’s my good news.  You might have been hoping for some revelation that would make raising children less exhausting.  Perhaps you thought I’d have some … Continue reading

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Commenting Drama

Yesterday social media was fired up.  It gets that way sometimes.  Everyone gets their feathers ruffled and decides the best way to let off steam is to post about it online.  Sometimes, when that happens, I get my feathers ruffled … Continue reading

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How I Do It

We’re in limbo.  It’s common in the Navy.  Our eleven-year-old was just laughing yesterday about how the submarines never leave on time.  “They say they’re going to leave one day and then they don’t.  It’s always at least a day … Continue reading

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Recently I drove by a school after hours and saw a woman I can only guess might have been a teacher leaving for the day.  She had a bag in each hand and looked exhausted.  She paused to readjust her … Continue reading

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I Forget Its Hard

I’ve been working on this post for weeks…pretty much since I last posted in March.  It’s now May.  It seems to be hitting me often lately…how hard this life truly is.  It may be my day to day, but that … Continue reading

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