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Commenting Drama

Yesterday social media was fired up.  It gets that way sometimes.  Everyone gets their feathers ruffled and decides the best way to let off steam is to post about it online.  Sometimes, when that happens, I get my feathers ruffled … Continue reading

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Song Commentary

All our children enjoy commenting on song lyrics…things they find funny or awful or deserving of some other comment.  Sam Hunt’s country hit Body Like a Back Road is a favorite to pick apart.  The other day it was on … Continue reading

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Dear Doubt

Dear Doubt, I’m not sure where to start with you, exactly.  I’ve been trying to figure out if you deserve to know my rationale or something.  But I think a clear and direct route might be the best. You’re being … Continue reading

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Head Heavy

Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night I had the thought, “You should call Grandma tomorrow.”  I felt myself smile.  Then I got sad before I even recognized why.  The reality jolted me awake.  Neither of my … Continue reading

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