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Is Bigger Always Better?

I just heard about a marriage proposal that involved a fake Amazing Race experience. The Mrs.-to-be didn’t realize the lengths her boyfriend was going through to become her fiancé. But he coordinated actors all over the world so they could … Continue reading

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My Story: The Uprising of Annie

Uprising. It’s not a word I would have given to my life if you’d just asked, “Hey, describe your life – your story – in one word.” I might have said things like meaningful, growing, or supportive. My life is … Continue reading

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Dear Person Too Tired to Fight

Dear Person Too Tired to Fight, I’ve been scolded for not marching with protesters. I’ve been talked to sternly for not standing up for my children’s futures. I’ve been told off for not being on the right soap box at … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get my feathers all ruffled because of things like this: This showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and on a sexual assault survivor support forum I’m part of.  My first reaction was one of disgust, then sadness.  But I … Continue reading

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Dump the Morning Grump

Have you ever woken up miserable before your day even starts? Maybe it was a poor night’s sleep or a too-realistic, unpleasant dream, but you crawl out of bed feeling blech. Checking social media annoys you. Children frustrate you. You … Continue reading

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Tyler Speaks

Tyler’s been popping out with all sorts of fun little things lately!  Today it’s one gem after another and they must be shared. Earlier he told me that he had his life plan figured out…

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My Comments on Commenting

Recently my friend Heidi tagged me in a Facebook post, bringing me into a conversation that was taking place on an article that someone had shared. Mostly, people were expressing their angst about why someone would be so public about personal … Continue reading

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