Starting Small

It’s been a few days since Trump’s “locker room” chatter was released into our lives.  In internet days – that’s forever!  And to not have responded yet, almost unacceptable.  But I wasn’t able to.  I tried.  I came from all sorts of directions.  The cursor blinked and blinked, but none of my words seemed right.

There seemed so much pressure to address these remarks and all the ones that followed in such a way that my writing would reach every ear that needed to hear it.  I know the pressure was all in my head, but I felt it nonetheless.  Sexual assault is something I stand up about.  It’s the issue that gets me up off the couch, that I speak up about.  And I wasn’t speaking up.  That is okay, though.  Despite the imagined pressure, it is okay not to fight in every battle.  Continue reading

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You might look at me and not think of me as the picture of health.  I don’t know exactly how much I weigh, because I don’t own a scale, but I do know that I wear anywhere between an XL and 2XL depending on what I’m trying on and who made it.  And, I know that my body falls into the obese category, which is what you see at first glance.

Let’s look closer, though, shall we?  Do you see the rosiness of my cheeks and the smile lines by my eyes?  If you’re lucky enough to meet me in person, perhaps you can hear my laugh, see my true interest in your story, or feel my warmth and joy.  If you’ve read my writing for long you might recognize that my head is fairly square on my shoulders, even if I am a dreamer.  You might have noticed that struggles don’t stop me for long.  I overcome and grow.  And if you are a friend of mine, you might have commented on my love of hugs and the way I truly listen.  Continue reading

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Be Like Him. Please.

I am a mother and I am a writer.  I want my kids to live their lives.  I want them to grow and learn and make mistakes and find joy.  I want all of that to happen without worrying about whether Mama’s going to post about it.  On the other hand, I’m still growing and learning and making mistakes and finding joy.  And I want to write about all that.  And often it has to do with them.  What a quandary!

I worry that my children may stumble upon my ramblings and think that I was critiquing them or being judgy about who they are.  And when I have those fears, I often don’t write about subjects that could be helpful to others (or at least therapeutic to me).  Because even though the writings are more about me and how I’m struggling through some moment or phase of parenting, I worry that their feelings might be hurt.  Often that’s what happens. Continue reading

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I got a tattoo last weekend.  Two little letters.  One little word.  The thing is, this one word has become a foundation for me, something I build my goals on.  A mantra that I lean on when I’m feeling off-kilter.  Looking back at my life, it’s probably a word that’s always meant something more than one would think on the surface.  It’s a big-deal kind of word.


It’s now written beautifully and simply on my wrist.  For me to see.  To anchor me when I need it.  To inspire me when I need it.  It is my goal in life to…be. Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Some days are hard.  You might be able to say why.  You might not have the slightest clue why.  It doesn’t really matter.  Hard is hard.  And, let it be known that your hard, my hard, his hard, everyone’s hard can be different and that’s perfectly acceptable.  If you feel like it’s a hard day, then it is, regardless of what anyone else may think or be silly enough to say out loud.  Bottom line – some days are hard, and if today is a hard day for you, then it is.  Period. Continue reading

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Sub Wife Life, The Early Years

I’m what they call “seasoned” in the Navy spouse world.  We’ve been married for more than 16 years and my husband, whom I’ve known since before he joined the Navy, has almost 20 years in service.  Even though I often think I’m still learning how to do this right along with my sister sub wives, I get asked how I do it all the time.  I’ve enlisted some friends to help answer this complex question and to chat about some of the difficulties of this life.  Continue reading

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Smiles and Tears

Days ago, as I looked around at a glorious Pacific Northwest day, knowing that I’ll be leaving all of this beauty behind in less than a year, I realized something.  It is okay to mourn and be happy.

I tend to focus on the positive in any situation, especially when we’re moving again.  As a military family, we’ve moved a handful of times – not as often as some, but enough to have called a few different states “home.”  Most every time we’ve moved I’ve done so with the knowledge that it’s where we’ll live for a few years, and then move on.  With that in mind, I always figure I’d better enjoy as much as I can of things I like and the people I connect with during the time I’ve there because it’s a temporary deal.  Continue reading

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