Know Why.

Four years ago, in a place we think of as home, a little girl – just six years old – was reported missing, searched for, and later found buried in the mud.  She had been raped and killed by blunt force and possibly strangled as well.  It was a situation that brought the entire area to it’s knees then, and again now as sentencing was decided today.  It makes me sick to my stomach and jittery just thinking about it, let alone typing that out.  But there’s more.

The man who committed this crime was 17 years old at the time.  Thankfully he plead guilty, saving the family from a trial.  Today, in a statement that his lawyer read prior to sentencing he said, “I wish I could make amends for it.  I don’t know why I did it.”

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It’s Started…

The last few weeks have been busy on social media in regards to mental health discussions and questions. That seems appropriate, considering a few big names committed suicide and when something becomes so obvious we can’t ignore it – we put it out there in the way we’re used to now-a-days. We process it on Facebook.  And, to be honest, that’s a start.  Do I think talking about mental health could be done with more tact and finesse than I saw several people use?  Absolutely.  But, sometimes things are messy for a bit until we refine them.  So…it’s a start.

One of the questions that stuck with me was, “Where is the movement for mental health?”  I thought about it quite a bit and decided that I think there is a movement.  There is some action and certainly progress from where we were a decade or two ago.  I think it’s a slow burn kind of movement.  It’s not flashy but rather subtle, but it’s there.   Continue reading

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Part of Something

What are we missing?  Suicide rates are booming.  Rates in every age group between 15 and 84 has increased in the last decade and a half.  We are all too familiar with the number of school shootings in the US these days.  Bullying is happening day and night with little to no repercussion for the aggressors.  Everything seems to be a struggle.  Anxiety and depression are around every corner.  What are we missing?

I have a thought.  Is it the right one?  I don’t know.  Or the only one?  Certainly not.  But it’s a thought.  Maybe a place to start a discussion.  Maybe a place to start some change.

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Relevant Realizations

Two weeks ago a stressful situation (coaching) and a bit of a trigger lead to an exhausting and emotional breakdown.  Honestly, it feels like it was so much longer ago.  On the other hand, I can feel my heart pound heavier in my chest when I think about it.  I clearly remember how helpless and hopeless I felt that night.  But, today I’m not going to that place.  Today I want to tell you what’s been on my mind and going on in my life since then.

To begin with, I got many responses telling me how strong I am.  Thank you.  I am.  I’m not always strong, but I am strong.  I do appreciate being told that you notice my strength, though.  I respond well to praise, but I’m learning to praise myself and not need everyone else’s all the time.  (I still like it, though, so keep it coming…wink, wink.)

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Roots provide a base, right?  They are the foundation for growth.  A tree doesn’t merely sit on the ground, it grows deep and strong into it so that it can grow upward and outward toward the sun as well.  There’s a great saying about parenting that goes something like…the two things we should be sure to give our children are roots and wings (attributed to Dr. Jonas Salk most often).  It’s so perfect and sums up the basis of raising children so well that it’s hanging on our wall.  And hopefully they feel both growing…even though their roots are scattered around the country.

I didn’t intend to talk about the kids, but let me made a little aside to do so, because this is an important – they are important.    Continue reading

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This Is Me

I honestly don’t know where to start.  So, please, bear with me.  I’m still raw from last night and processing exactly what went down, how I handled it, how to move forward…but in the midst of it, I feel compelled to include you.  The last time I felt exposed like this I waited months to finish writing about it and this time I want to be much more timely.  I want to you get a true sense of what I’m dealing with in case you’re ever in a situation like mine.  I’ll warn you all now, though, I’m going to swear and talk about sexual assault.  If any of that’s isn’t what you need to be reading…then don’t.

Here goes…

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Through the Cracks

I’m irritated.  I’m sad and frustrated and scared.  Bullying, school shootings, suicides, testing, social media, sexual assault…pressure, pressure, pressure.  It presses on our kids from every direction.  Kids – they’re kids.  They’re still learning and growing and we’re supposed to be helping them, guiding them.  Yet, we’re failing them.

Maybe not you personally.  Maybe you’re better than the rest of us or so removed that you don’t need to conversate about what’s not being done, being done wrong, or how we can improve.  Maybe it’s easier to blame the next generation for everything.  But, most of us can probably (hopefully) at least admit that our children don’t have it easy and we, as the adults around them, aren’t always making it easier.

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