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The Bus

Today a story came out in a local paper in a place we’ve called home more than once.  The short of it is that, “For the third time in about three years, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is investigating allegations … Continue reading

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Ah…This Navy Life…

Twenty-one years.  That’s how long my husband has been a sailor in the United States Navy.  It’s a fact we’re proud of and humbled by.  I have been involved in all of those years.  We’ve only been married for not … Continue reading

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Between Innocence and Confidence

I wrote this post about the honesty of children, including a tale about my own sweet innocence.  In it I told you another story about how as an adult I confidently told my daughter that I am beautiful.  It occurred … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen a toddler pat his mama’s belly like a drum?  What did you think?  What was her reaction?  Was anyone else around, and, if so, what did they do? Why do I ask?  Well, I’ll tell you, … Continue reading

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Need a Life Jacket?

If you think parenting is rough work, I’ve got good news.  You’re not alone! Yup, that’s my good news.  You might have been hoping for some revelation that would make raising children less exhausting.  Perhaps you thought I’d have some … Continue reading

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