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Smiles and Tears

Days ago, as I looked around at a glorious Pacific Northwest day, knowing that I’ll be leaving all of this beauty behind in less than a year, I realized something.  It is okay to mourn and be happy. I tend … Continue reading

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All Kinds in Every Group

I remember a college professor who told us about a convention he had gone to.  They sat six teachers at each table.  In the center of the table were sheets of stick on labels.  Everyone was asked to write words … Continue reading

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We watched the local 3rd of July fireworks last night and I found myself reminiscing.  I’m sure that has something to do with this being the last 4th of July we’ll be spending in Washington, which has been our home … Continue reading

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Leave My Body Alone!

I was just reading a news article and one of the recommended articles on the side of the page was titled, “Fix Creepy Skin.”  The picture of creepy skin that they showed was someone’s knee.  The person’s leg was straightened … Continue reading

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