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Our Military Children

  April is the Month of the Military Child.  I know, April is the month of a lot of things.  But our three kids are one of those things.  So, a little post in their honor. Advertisements

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Dear Survivor

Dear Survivor, This year’s Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month’s focus has been Prevention is Possible.  And that is a fantastic motto.  It’s an incredibly important angle to come at this issue from.  I’ve written a few posts about how … Continue reading

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What I Know of Sexual Assault and the Military

When I first married a Navy sailor, I gave my parents a list of acronyms and words I’d be using.  My mom hung it on the fridge for easy translation during phone conversations.  And through the years I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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A Path to Prevention

There are many actions that can be taken in preventing sexual assault.  A big one that I’ve seen talked about more and more in the Navy world is stepping in and saying something.  This is a great one for sailors … Continue reading

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Asking Questions for Awareness

Today begins National Infertility Awareness Week.  This is not an issue that has directly impacted me.  It has been part of the lives of friends and family, though.  Their stories are ongoing or have ended in any variety of ways.  … Continue reading

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Seven Days

It’s been a week since I posted on here.  Why?  Life.  It happens.  I interviewed for a job and have a second interview this week.  The kids created games and we played them.  I didn’t win any of them.  (I … Continue reading

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Do You Know a Rapist?

We like to think of rapists as scary strangers.  In truth, though, they are often charming…and often known to their victims. And, so, it stands to reason that if victims know their attackers…so do you.  I guarantee you know someone … Continue reading

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