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Spring Cleaning

Most of you have heard of the concept of spring cleaning.  As a reminder, though, it’s the idea of cleaning our homes from top to bottom, getting rid of the dust and stuff that accumulate throughout the rest of the … Continue reading

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Where I’m At

There are a lot of nouns pulling on us all at any given time.  By nouns I literally mean nouns: people, places, and things.  By any given time I mean every moment of every day.  I’m being pretty literal today.  … Continue reading

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Consistent Contentment

I play this awful version of Euchre on my phone.  The other players make poor choices.  The guy to my left always trumps my aces.  My partner calls it on nothing.  But, it’s a free version and loads quickly.  It’s … Continue reading

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All the Feels

I feel deeply and strongly.  I love completely.  I embrace my emotions and consider them part of my strength.  I help often and smile more often.  I hug warmly.  I give. My emotions are a big part of who I … Continue reading

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Car Conversation, Three

It’s been a while since I’ve filled you in on all that comes out of our mouths during our many hours on the road.  I know you’ve been eager to read some more along the lines of our poop portal … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about judging teachers for a minute.  It’s a popular thing to do.  Heck I did it.  I had many teachers I judged based on the nicknames the class before us told us.  I had some teachers than my … Continue reading

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When They Google Me

I’m a mom.  I’m a writer.  Sometimes these two pieces of me go together swimmingly.  The kids provide me with lots of material, which is kind of them.  Other times, though, I worry about my honest approach to writing. What … Continue reading

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