Life has a way of getting busy and getting away from us, doesn’t it?  I don’t think I’m alone in that.  I hope I’m also not alone in striving for balance, though.  I’m not always good at achieving it, but for me, that’s what it’s all about – looking for good in the bad, finding the eye in the storm, and both giving and receiving love in a world that sometimes seems completely overwhelmed with negativity and stress.

Often, the ways I find myself working on that healthy balance in my life involve a beverage.  A glass of wine to enjoy while in the bubble bath.  Grape crush to share with the kids.  A favorite mixed drink for game night with friends.  A tall glass of lemonade outside while sitting in the sunshine.  A warm mug of hot chocolate while cuddled on the couch. Conversations around the kitchen table.  Phone calls across the country.  Play dates at the park.  These are the people who help me find calm in my chaos.  These are the places we gather to laugh and cry, confess or vent.

These are the moments I want to share with you on this blog.  The ones that need to be shared, by me to you and by you to others.  The ones that make you giggle or chuckle or, better yet, have a good ol’ belly laugh.  The ones that bring tears or make you say, “Wow.” The ones that make you feel.  The ones that you want to pause your busy lives for.  Because there’s something revitalizing about moments of quietness.

And there’s something refreshing about the right beverage at the right time, so feel free to bring along your sweet tea or ice water or morning coffee.  I’ll be here waiting for you every time you come back.  You’re welcome anytime for a sip or two of stillness.

Please feel free to comment, to share, and to contact me with your stories and recipe memoirs.




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