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Through the Cracks

I’m irritated.  I’m sad and frustrated and scared.  Bullying, school shootings, suicides, testing, social media, sexual assault…pressure, pressure, pressure.  It presses on our kids from every direction.  Kids – they’re kids.  They’re still learning and growing and we’re supposed to … Continue reading

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Energy and Feelings and Emotions, Oh My!

I’m a feeler (that’s my name) and emotions are my game.  Actually, my name is Annie but feeling emotions is so much a part of me that it’s probably a better descriptor than any physical traits I might have.  I … Continue reading

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Bullying – A Story and a Plea

I remember when I was younger and got teased.  I remember it happening often in elementary school, especially on the bus.  A few kids would call me names, pull my hair, kick the back of my seat.  When I complained … Continue reading

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Recently I drove by a school after hours and saw a woman I can only guess might have been a teacher leaving for the day.  She had a bag in each hand and looked exhausted.  She paused to readjust her … Continue reading

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The Secrets to Strength

We all have people that we look up to.  There might be an obvious relationship of guidance as there is with teachers, coaches, and parents.  Or it might be less evident.  We all have situations with peers and co-workers where … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about judging teachers for a minute.  It’s a popular thing to do.  Heck I did it.  I had many teachers I judged based on the nicknames the class before us told us.  I had some teachers than my … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but adulting is my favorite new noun-turned-verb out there!  It’s fun to say when I don’t want to be doing it.  And today qualifies as one of those days. It’s the Monday after two holiday … Continue reading

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