Bios and Stories for Hire


I can tell your story – your personal story or your business story.  More than likely, they’re connected.

I’d be happy to write a bio for you – for your “about me” page, for a publication, for your blog.  I can intertwine your history with your goals and share them with your readers or customers.  I can look at what you’ve already got and help you to make it a bit more characteristic of you.  I can help make hiring you a more personal affair.

I’d be happy to write your story in a longer version too.  Sharing your story could be a wonderful marketing strategy, whether on your blog or in a local paper or magazine.  Who doesn’t love knowing a little more about who they’re doing business with?

I’d also be happy to work with your clients.  Maybe you’d like their testimonials for your blog.  Maybe you can imagine collaborative projects including your photos and my stories.

The sky is the limit in how we can work together to share your story.  Contact me to find out how I can happily help you.

~ Annie


“I like it a lot  – the bio you wrote for me. It reads smooth and I like how you weaved in the history with my business and education. Well done!”
~ Karina Taugwalder, Online Presence Care 

“Wow – this is so good!  You’re a great writer!”
~ Mary West, Mary West Network

Read Mary’s story here: Connecting the Community.

Pricing: $50 for testimonials and bios under 300 words; $75 for short blog posts or articles up to 900 words; $100 for longer posts and articles.  Please ask about special pricing for packages of testimonials, posts, or other projects.