We watched the local 3rd of July fireworks last night and I found myself reminiscing.  I’m sure that has something to do with this being the last 4th of July we’ll be spending in Washington, which has been our home on and off for the past two decades.  It probably also has something to do with returning to the state we grew up in and being closer to family a year from now.

Either way, while I sat in front of my husband with his arms around me, I commented out loud that the 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  The kids chimed in with their favorites – the gift receiving ones.  And that makes sense – they’re kids.  I hope, though, that as they age they’ll begin to understand what else holidays have to offer – traditions, laughter, joy, family…love.


If we get down to it, that’s why July 4th is among my favorites.  When we were still in high school, my husband and I held hands while watching fireworks bloom around us.  We lay in the grass and felt them explode in our chests as the colors lit up the sky above us.  We sat on the dock sharing kisses while the fireworks went off over the water.  The memories are full of warm moments with my love.

Through the years, I also recall playing cards and yard games, picnics, and laughter with friends and family.  Such positive images to play in my head year after year.  I remember one year, with a baby just a couple months old, bundling him up and walking with friends to watch the show while my husband was out to sea.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to be there – the only one with a baby and no husband to hold my hand or give me kisses – but I’m glad I went.  There’s something magical about fireworks to me.

One of my professors in college used to tell us the way to “fall in love” was to ride a roller coaster with the object of your affections.  The adrenaline rush and excitement mimic the feelings of love we long for and that person will associate you with those natural highs.

I think in our case, fireworks are cool and all, but it’s their association with the way my husband makes my heart beat faster that makes them amazing and a joy to watch!

Enjoy your holidays and remember those serving, not cooking out with family or holding loved ones close today.

sub with flag

Happy 4th of July!


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I am an occasionally confident, mostly comfortable woman. That hasn't always been the case, but, I have to say, it feels good to be at this place in my life now! As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend I hope to inspire, educate, and grow with all my readers through this blog. I embrace life and strive to find a refreshing glass of lemonade no matter how many lemons life tosses my way. I'm glad you're joining me on this journey. Cheers!
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